Henderson Global Investors

× In the boardroom sessions, our fund managers take a more in-depth look at their particular asset class or region. These sessions are deliberately small to ensure plenty of interaction. The agenda allows time for each delegate to attend four sessions, selected from the list below.

Nick Anderson & Hamish Chamberlayne

Tomorrow’s World: risk, disruption and opportunity

Nick Anderson and Hamish Chamberlayne, co-managers of the Henderson Global Care Growth strategy, explore the investment risks and opportunities associated with four global megatrends that are shaping tomorrow’s world: climate change, resource constraints, a growing population, and ageing demographics. They explain why they believe it is possible to generate long-term capital growth at the same time as having a positive impact – by investing in companies whose products and services facilitate the wise use of our natural environment and the well-being of society.
John Bennett

Fashion victims

Since the financial crisis of 2008 the hunt for “safety” and yield has reached new heights (depths). In this session John will depict what this has meant for today’s “quality” stocks in Europe and where the value may reside, for those investors not transfixed by the rear view mirror.
Glen Finegan

Emerging markets: weighing up the risks

Country of domicile does not mean a company is necessarily managed any better or worse but it can bring additional risks and opportunities. Favourable demographic trends are expected to help businesses based in emerging markets to deliver relatively higher levels of growth over the long term. Weak rule of law in many of these markets, however, means they can be risky for minority investors and need to be approached with care.

Glen Finegan will explain why he believes a strategy for success in this asset class should take a long-term view and be shaped by risk awareness. This approach leads Glen and his team to invest alongside controlling shareholders with proven track records of integrity and strong financial returns.
James Henderson & Laura Foll

Income investing in post-Brexit Britain

The outlook for inflation and growth in the UK is highly uncertain. With this challenging backdrop it is more important than ever to focus on companies that are in charge of their own destiny. In this presentation the managers of the Henderson UK Equity Income & Growth Fund discuss why investing across the market-cap spectrum in companies with a high degree of ‘self-help’ is a good place to be when investing for income and growth.
Andrew Jones & Ben Lofthouse

Dividends deliver

A dividend culture is becoming increasingly established around the world and an ageing global population is raising the demand for income-producing assets. Andrew Jones and Ben Lofthouse will explain how an actively managed equity income strategy can maximise the opportunities that exist globally to deliver both income and capital growth for investors.
Michael Kerley & Charlie Awdry

Michael Kerley: Asian equities’ outperformance: a tactical rebound or something more sustainable?

2016 has been a good year for Asian equity markets both in absolute and relative return terms. Mike Kerley will explore whether this is just a rally in an underowned asset class or whether fundamental support will sustain this performance through 2017. He will also provide an update on portfolio positioning and share his expectations for his Asian Dividend Income strategy in the year ahead.

Charlie Awdry: Climbing the Chinese wall of worry

It is an uncomfortable truth for many investors that Chinese equities are unloved but generally outperforming. Charlie will demonstrate how focusing on the challenging macroeconomic picture means investors will continue to miss attractive investment opportunities at a stock level. Foreign investors are increasingly discovering the mainland A share markets in Shanghai and Shenzhen and he will update clients on how the team capitalises on these underappreciated opportunities.
Ainslie McLennan

What to expect from UK commercial property: income, income, income

In this low interest rate environment income remains a key component of returns from commercial property and a clear focus for the Henderson UK Property PAIF. Co-Manager Ainslie McLennan will discuss the future prospects and risks for the asset class, explain the benefits of proactive asset management, and detail fund positioning. Ainslie will also identify the significance of ‘core’ properties, tenant quality and lease length.
Luke Newman

On short notice

Continued political and central bank uncertainty, combined with a low growth environment, means that volatility is never far away within equity markets. However, a long/short equity approach provides the potential to turn this volatility and risk into a stable and consistent stream of returns for investors.

Luke Newman explains where he sees the most attractive investment opportunities, and how shifts in fixed income and commodity markets can present opportunities for an absolute return equity strategy.
Stuart O’Gorman

Investing in tech stocks for superior earnings growth

Technology plays an increasingly important role in our lives and continues to win market share in the global economy driven by innovation, lower costs and demographic tailwinds. These long-term sustainable secular trends have the potential to continue to drive outperformance of technology stocks over the long term. Stuart will explain these dynamics and why he believes over the longer term that technology stocks will provide consistent earnings growth and continue to take share from the old economy. He will also discuss key tech themes in the portfolios and his outlook for the asset class in 2017.
John Pattullo & Jenna Barnard

About to watch the same movie again?

Fixed income markets experienced yet another eventful year in 2016. It is hard to avoid a recurring sense of déjà vu and the feeling that we are about to watch the same movie — again.

In this session, John Pattullo and Jenna Barnard share their current assessment of the economic environment and thoughts on what may lay ahead for fixed income investors in 2017. On strategic allocation, the fund managers will discuss where they see value and where to find potential shelters from any storms.